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Is it Asbestos?


If your house or building was built or renovated before the late 1990’s, there is a high chance that the building products may contain asbestos fibres.
It is a well-known fact that breathing in asbestos fibres may lead to the development of lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and pleural plaques. The Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, in its 2010/11 annual report, said 700 Australians were diagnosed that year with mesothelioma and 1500 with lung cancer caused by asbestos. Sadly there are more than 2500 asbestos related deaths per annum in Australia today and they are on the increase.
Health problems tend to occur when people are unaware of the hazards when working with or disturbing asbestos containing materials. The key is to know which materials contain asbestos in your home or property you are renovating so you don’t disturb them, therefore preventing the release of asbestos fibres into the air.
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Protect your family from accidental asbestos exposures

Hazard Alert is experienced in asbestos auditing, air monitoring, sample testing, inspections and asbestos risk management.

We conduct building audits so you will know the exact location and condition of asbestos materials in your home or investment property.

Following your property asbestos audit we provide you with an easy to understand report which includes a register and photos of asbestos materials found at your property.

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Some asbestos products that may be found in and around the home:

•Flat or corrugated “fibro cement” sheet

•Roof and gable ends

•Imitation brick cladding

•Eaves, flashings and gutters

•Chimney linings

•Mastics and sealants

•Base boards

•Walls, floors, ceilings

•Ceiling insulation

•Vinyl floor tiles and linoleum backing

•Heater flues and heater linings

•Hot water service flues

•Kitchen , bathroom and laundry splashbacks

•Shower walls

•Bath surrounds and hubs

•Rangehood linings

•Oven door seals

•Under sink linings

•Manhole covers

•Insulation materials

•Electrical switchboards

•Switchboard cupboard linings

•Pipe lagging

•Water / drainage pipes

•Wire insulation

•Garden sheds, cubby house

•Chicken coups

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